Percentage of Uninsured Residents Eligible for Insurance Assistance in 2014

Notes: * Although Wisconsin has not accepted the ACA Medicaid expansion, adults up to 100% of FPL are now eligible for Medicaid and can enroll. Before 2014, there was a limited benefits program for low-income adult nonparents, but enrollment was closed.
+ Because Massachusetts has already implemented its own health reform law, the number of uninsured is not expected to change noticeably under the ACA.
± New Hampshire plans to expand Medicaid in July 2014.
• Pennsylvania and Indiana have submitted Medicaid expansion proposals that are pending CMS review.

Data Sources: Health Insurance Policy Simulation Model-American Community Suvey 2014.

Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Urban Institute: Eligibility for Assistance and Projected Changes in Coverage Under the ACA: Variation Across States