Employed Adults Who Had Paid Sick Leave

Notes: Based on responses to a question that asked, “Do you have paid sick leave on this MAIN job or business?”
Respondents were asked to identify the business or industry of their main job, and these industries/businesses were then categorized by the North American Industry Classification System.
Estimates were based on a sample of the U.S. civilian, noninstitutionalized population aged ≥18 years. Adults not currently employed at the time of interview were not included in the denominators when calculating percentages.
¶ The percentage difference between women and men within this category was statistically significant at p < 0.01.

Data Source: National Health Interview Survey, 2009–2013.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Percentage of Currently Employed Adults Who Had Paid Sick Leave, by Industry — National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2009–2013