Cancer Mortality in the U.S. and Comparable Countries

Notes: Comparable countries are defined as those with above median GDP and above median GDP per capita in at least one of the past ten years. Break in series in 1987 and 1997 for Switzerland; in 1995 for Switzerland; in 1996 for Netherlands; in 1998 for Australia, Belgium, and Germany; in 1999 for United States; in 2000 for Canada and France; and in 2001 in the United Kingdom. All breaks in series coincide with changes in ICD coding.

Data Source: Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of 2013 OECD data: “OECD Health Data: Health status: Health status indicators”, OECD Health Statistics (database). doi: 10.1787/data-00540-en (Accessed on January 22, 2016).

Source: Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker: What are recent trends in cancer spending and outcomes?