Measures of Medicare Beneficiaries’ Health Status, by Race/Ethnicity

Notes: Data are from 2011.
* Denotes statistically significant difference at the 95% confidence level from whites. Functional impairment is defined as one or more limitations in activities of daily living (eating, dressing, getting into/out of bed/chair, bathing/showering, using the toilet, difficulty walking). Cognitive/mental impairment is defined as presence of memory loss that interferes with daily activity, difficulty making decisions, trouble concentrating, and loss of interest within the past year. For facility residents, definition includes ability to recall names and faces, current season, location of nursing home and room.

Data Source: Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey Cost and Use File, 2011.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation: Profile of Medicare Beneficiaries by Race and Ethnicity: A Chartpack